Solenoid Valve


Our company Aira Flow Valve Automation, a top quality solenoid valve manufacturer in Secunderabad. Our solenoid coils have achieved ATEX and CE certifications, and we have been approved for CCEO solenoid coils, flameproof coils, and IS 3000 coils. A variety of solenoids is available for a variety of media and applications. Our product line includes the Pilot operated solenoid valve, the Semi-lift solenoid valve, the Piston operated solenoid valve, and the Union type solenoid valve.

There are two types of solenoid valves to help save energy: normally open and normally closed. Fluid flow is stopped by energizing valves that are normally closed, while valves that are normally open are opened and allowed to flow. We offer our clients a variety of customization options depending on their needs. This ability made us the number one Solenoid Valve supplier in Secunderabad.

We use superior materials and advanced technologies to build our products. Because of our ISO compliance, we are one of the most recognized brands in the valve industry. We are the noble distributor of the Solenoid Valves in Secunderabad.

Thanks to our in-house production facility and quality control department, we are able to maintain a high level of product quality. The engineers of our company ensure that the end product will be of the highest quality during the engineering process. The inspection department is responsible for ensuring that each product is free from errors or faults. The products we deliver to our valued customers can only be tested thoroughly for quality and functionality.

With long durability, low maintenance costs, and light weight, our valves are known for their compact design.

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